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2003-04-20  Frank Rehberger  <>

   * reverse engineering of orbit-python webpage

2002-02-05  Johan Dahlin  <>

   * src/types.c (Union_PyClass__init): s/v/_v/ && s/d/_d/

   * src/marshal.c (marshal_union): Dito

2002-02-05  Johan Dahlin  <>

   * src/CORBAmodule.c (CORBA__ORB_init): Add a third arg that control
   if we should use the main loop from glib or not

2002-01-25  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/PortableServer.c (POA_PyObject__deactivate_object): Fixed a
   segfault on object deactivation (Bugzilla bug #12).  That's what you
   get when you access ORBit internals a little too deeply.
   (POA_PyObject__activate_object): Now that you can deactivate an object
   without segfaulting, there appears another segfaulting when you try
   reactivating an object you previously deactivated.  Fixed that one

2001-12-09  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/marshal.c: Replaced a few calls to PyArg_Parse and Py_BuildValue
   by calls to non-deprecated functions.

   * src/demarshal.c: Ditto.

2001-12-07  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/marshal.c (marshal_boolean): fixed segfault in boolean
     marshalling (Bugzilla bug #11, Debian bug #122619).  Patch by Jochen
     Voss <>, slightly edited.

   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_boolean): fixed potential segfault too.

2001-11-13  Johan Dahlin  <>

   * src/ (INCLUDES): 
   * Update to automake 1.5

2001-11-13  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * Announced 0.3.1 release.

2001-10-10  Christian Reis <>

   * test-suite/ new independent module, cooler pretty
   * test-suite/ hacked to support new module.
   * src/CORBAmodule.c: make __import__.__doc__ not SEGV and even made
     it print out a nice message explaining O-P's import extension.
   * src/marshal.c: fixed buglet that crushed CORBA_doubles, fix by
     Chip Richards <>.

2001-10-10  Christian Reis <>

   * src/CORBA_Any.c (CORBA_Any_PyObject__getattr): integrated
     refcounting fix by Brad Chapman <>.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type): fixed
     problem with _narrow() CORBA objects being mistakenly released.
   * test-suite/complete.idl, test-suite/,
     test-suite/ added simple CORBA.Any testcase to
     validate above fix.

2001-10-06  Christian Reis <>

   * src/CORBAmodule.c (import func, auto_load_module_idls,
     import_from_idl_list): Fixed __import__() to work properly for all
     tested cases, cleaned it up a bit. Hopefully stable.
   * src/CORBAmodule.c tabs/space cleanup.
   * Built 0.3.1 release candidate 1.

2001-10-05  Christian Reis <>

   * src/CORBAmodule.c (CORBA__ORB_init) : Fixed problem with
   * commandline arguments passed into ORBit.
   * test-suite/ Improved __import__ tests.

2001-08-26  Christian Reis  <>

   * test-suite/ added __import__ tests that kill O-P,
     changed indent to spaces.
   * test-suite/, reftest.idl, reftest2.idl,, added basic ObjectReference tests (incomplete)

2001-08-26  Johan Dahlin  <>

   * src/idl.c (ORBit_Python_init_typecodes): Add Null and Void.
   * src/CORBA_TypeCode.c (CORBA_TypeCode_PyObject__repr): 
     Make the output more pythonish.

2001-08-24  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_boolean): pull sizeof(CORBA_boolean)
     from the buffer, not sizeof(CORBA_short).  Fixes bug reported
     by Cristian Marinescu <>
   * src/marshal.c (marshal_typecode): Commented out buf_putn.  We
     shouldn't need to do this.

2001-08-21  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * Fixed pydir so that it actually works; added
     orbit-python-config to orbit-python-devel package, and examples/ 
     directory to docs in orbit-python package.
   * removed old test suite (and core ;)
   * Built 0.3.0 final.  All rejoice.

2001-08-19  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/server.c (operation_skel): significantly reworked how return 
     values are handled.  Added more useful comments, flattened out some
     unnecessary nesting, and included more parameter validation.  The
     result is that now octet sequences in their various forms ("foo", 
     (1, 2, 3, 4), ['a', 'b', 'c']) are now dealt with properly.
   * test-suite/ removed B5 test for 0.3.0 release.  It's
     still broken but it's not critical.
   * Built 0.3.0 RC2.  Hopefully this is the one. :)

2001-08-17  Johan Dahlin  <>

   * src/server.c (operation_skel): Strings are now treated as sequences in
     return values.
   * test-suite/ set IDLPATH.
   * src/marshal.c (marshal_octet): Also accept a string of length 1.

2001-08-16  Christian Reis <>

   * test-suite/ add tests for parameterless ORB_init()
   * test-suite/ fixed naming a bit, added skeleton for
     future ParameterReturnValue tests, added hopefully complete set of
     Parameter tests including octet sequence tests.
   * test-suite/ implementation for added tests.
   * test-suite/ changed default runs to 1000, changed names
     and letters of suites according to above.
   * test-suite/complete.idl: added IDL for tests implemented, did a
     lot of cleaning up, added future ParameterReturnValue skels.
   * test-suite/ added -gdb parameter to get backtraces.

2001-08-16  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/server.c (operation_skel): if the servant doesn't implement
     the requested operation, raise BAD_OPERATION.
   * src/marshal.c: raise MARSHAL instead of BAD_PARAM on incorrect
   * src/marshal.c (marshal_sequence), src/demarshal.c (demarshal_sequence):
     map octet sequences to strings (PLMS §1.3.2) (johan).
   * src/marshal.c (marshal_sequence): return CORBA_FALSE if marshal_arg
     fails, not CORBA_TRUE.
   * src/marshal.c, src/CORBAmodule.c, src/api.c: PySequence_GetItem 
     returns a _new_ reference!
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_sequence): for the octet sequence case,
     read len octets, not len-1.
2001-08-13  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/idl.c (find_repo_id_from_typecode): return repo_id stored in
     typecode if it exists.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_Type): create an
     ORB PyObject for the ORB associated with the object if it doesn't
     exist instead of failing.
   * created
   * fixed small compiler warnings  
   * Built 0.3.0 release candidate.

2001-08-11  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/marshal.c, src/demarshal.c: merged patch by Johan Dahlin
     that handles marshalling/demarshalling of TypeCodes.

2001-06-10  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/idl.c (find_repo_id_from_typecode): handle basic types explicitly,
     otherwise it might incorrectly find a typedef for one of the basic

2001-06-08  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/orbit-python.h: added typedefs for various objects: PyORBit_Object,
     PyORBit_ORB, PyORBit_Any, etc.

2001-06-07  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/CORBA_ORB.c (CORBA_ORB_PyObject__object_to_string): fixed leak
     (closes #4).

2001-06-07  Christian Reis <>

   * Major test suite overhaul; more to come.
   * test-suite/.cvsignore: added *.pyc and tidbits.
   * test-suite/ Numbered, commented and added basic
     instantiation tests for Inheritance and Delegation.
   * test-suite/ Cleanups, numbered.
   * test-suite/ Numbers added.
   * test-suite/ Added very simple ORB_init and POA
     resolution tests.
   * test-suite/ Major rewrite. Changed this to inherit from
     TestSuite so now we have our own Stress suite runs tests exactly
     the same way the plain TestSuite runs. Added commandline parsing
     for test ranges.
   * test-suite/ Added -gdb and -nopp flags.

2001-06-06  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/orbit-python.h: updated PyORBit_Any_Get to use the new function
     in api.c; removed CORBA_ORB parameter from Any_New.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type): if an instance
     for the object exists and we return the original instance, free the 
     CORBA object because the function steals the reference.
   * src/process_idl.c (get_idl_list_for_module): free 'files' hash table
     even if the IDL module can't be found.  (Fixes leak with importing
     non-IDL modules.)
   * src/CORBAmodule.c (CORBA__ORB_init): fixed a couple leaks.
   * src/except.c (raise_system_exception): fixed leaks.
   * src/ deactivate_object when necessary to prevent leaks.
   * test-suite/ deactivate_object when necessary to
     prevent leaks.

2001-06-04  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/server.c (operation_skel): don't deconstruct return tuple if
     array is expected.
   * src/marshal.c (marshal_long): might help to accept long values here.
     (marshal_double): coerce longs and ints to doubles. (marshal_short):
     small optimizations.
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_short): small optimizations.
   * Cleaned up various compiler warnings.
   * stepped up the version requirements for ORBit to 0.5.7
   * src/PortableServer.c (POA_PyObject__servant_to_reference): don't
     blindly DECREF result from activate_object without checking it
   * src/CORBA_ORB.c (CORBA_ORB_PyObject__resolve_initial_references):
     add workaround for ORBit bug (gnome bugzilla 55726); INCREF root_poa
     even if it already exists before returning.
   * src/test-suite/ several fixes.
   * src/test-suite/, kill server after finished.
   * src/CORBA_ORB.c (CORBA_ORB_PyObject__run): restore the default signal
     handler for SIGINT so that Ctrl-C works while the ORB is running.
   * src/idl.c (_find_repo_id_func): compare address for complex types,
     compare typecode for basic types.
   * src/api.c: started to implement PyORBit_Any_Get, which does the
     opposite of PyORBit_Any_New.  These encoding functions can also be
     used in the ORBit2 port.  Right now it's only partially implemented,
     leaks memory, and is mostly untested.
   * examples/random: example to fetch random numbers from
   * examples/dynamic: example to fetch IDL from a server and illustrate

2001-06-03  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/process_idl.c (process_idl_file): detect which #define's need to 
     be made for the IDL to compile properly.  (get_defines_for_file) new
     function that returns a list of defines to properly compile this
   * src/CORBAmodule.c (get_idl_params_as_string): accept a list from
   * src/process_idl.c (find_module_from_path): import the whole IDL
     module if a specific interface from that module was requested.
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_arg): handle CORBA_tk_octet (where'd it
     go??).  If demarshal_* calls demarshal_arg and it returns NULL,
     also return NULL; fixed memory leaks on certain error conditions;
     removed FIXMEs for raising system exceptions instead of calling
   * src/api.c: implemented PyORBit_Any_New, which constructs a
     CORBA_Any_PyObject out of a CORBA_any.  This required a lot of
     code since I pretty much had to duplicate demarshal.c, except instead
     of demarshalling from a GIOP buffer, I'm decoding from a bunch of
     gpointers.  The good news is that this code can be mostly reused
     when we port to ORBit2.  At this point this code is totally untested,
     and aside from the fact that it compiles, I have no idea how well it
     will work, or if it'll even work at all, for that matter.  Johan is
     my tester. :)
   * src/PortableServer.c: Resurrected POA::the_POAManager because, hey,
     it's a transparent accessor for _get_the_POAManager.  Duh.
   * src/idl.c (construct_interface): IDL stub classes now set the class
     name and __module__ value correctly.
   * examples/echo/: ported the Echo example from ORBit.

2001-06-02  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/orbit-python.h: in _ORBitPython_FunctionStruct, orb_any becomes
   * src/idl.c: prefix operations that conflict with python keywords with
     an underscore (PLMS §1.2).
   * src/CORBA_module.c (CORBA__ORB_init): arguments are optional (PLMS
   * src/server.c (Servant_PyClass__default_POA): implicitly call
     resolve_initial_references to get the RootPOA if necessary
   * src/PortableServer.c (servant_to_reference): moved implicit
     activation here (from _this()), and it is only done if the POA
     policy specifies IMPLICIT_ACTIVATION.
   * src/CORBAmodule.h: created 2 new macros, d_assert and d_assert_val,
     which raise exceptions on fail, or call g_assert if DEBUG is
     set.  This way production code will fail gracefully, returning
     control to Python space, while debug code will dump core for further
   * Replaced most g_assert's to d_assert.  Still need to do src/idl.c,
     but that will require some reorganization.
   * src/PortableServer.c (POA_PyObject__activate_object_with_id):
   * src/CORBAmodule.c (auto_load_module_idls): handle import case
     "from Mod__POA import Interface" and "import Mod__POA.Interface"

2001-05-28  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/server.c (get_class_glue_from_instance, get_class_glue_from_class):
     made code much more sane; fixed segfault.
   * Added 2 more global hashes: orb_objects, which maps CORBA_ORBs to
     CORBA_ORB_PyObjects, and poa_objects, which maps PortableServer_POA
     objects to POA_PyObjects.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type): figure out
     the ORB associated with this object and store it in the instance glue
   * src/PortableServer.c (POA_Object_to_PyObject): figure out the ORB
     associated with the POA object and store it in the type object record;
     return the PyObject for this POA object if it already exists rather than
     create a new one.
   * src/demarshal.c: pass the CORBA_ORB around to the functions that
     need it.  All this is pretty much for demarshal_object.
   * src/CORBA_ORB.c (CORBA_ORB_PyObject__new): return the PyObject for this
     ORB if it already exists rather than create a new one; remove the now 
     deprecated orb_instance
   * ChangeLog: fixed ugly formatting from Roland's entries, and replaced 
     tabs with whitespaces from Christian's.  Okay, I'm pedantic.
   * src/orbit-python.h: fixed PyORBit_Object_Check and PyORBit_Object_Get

2001-05-27  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/api.[c,h]: created for external API methods
   * src/api.c: implemented PyORBit_Object_Check and PyORBit_Object_Get to
     work with the new objref code.
   * src/ updated for api.c
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_exception): DECREF data parameter after
     calling raise_user_exception; fixes leak.
   * src/client.c (_stub_func): free GPtrArray returned from marshal_call
     here instead of in demarshal_call; fixes leak for oneway calls.
   * src/server.c (operation_skel): DECREF dict; fixes leak.  (This one
     was a BITCH to find!)
   * Fixed about 10 insignificant and a couple significant memory leaks
     due to not DECREFing the result of PyObject_GetAttrString in
     various places.
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_union): fixed leaks
   * src/demarshal.c (demarshal_any): call CORBA_TypeCode_PyObject__new
     instead of constructing the TypeCode object manually; fixed leaks.
   * src/CORBA_TypeCode.c: duplicate CORBA_TypeCode object and release it
     in the destructor.
   * src/server.c (operation_skel): reset the send buffer when marshalling
     exceptions to prevent garbled data from passing over the wire.

2001-05-27  Christian Reis  <>

   * test-suite/ added (#427024) following Roland's initial
     implementation. The suite includes the interactive helper
     and a suite of (36 at the moment) tests of ORBit-Python's
     functionality. It's based on PyUnit ( 
     so you'll need either that or Python2.

2001-05-27  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_PyClass__del) implemented (#427729).
     (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type) don't create a new instance if
     one already exists for that (CORBA Object, IDL interface) tuple
   * src/server.c (Servant_PyClass__this): decref return value from
     activate_object (#427409).  (Servant_PyClass__del): free servant
     instance glue and vepv (#427409).
   * src/process_idl.c (preprocess_idl_file): make keyword detection
     smarter (#427724)
   * src/PortableServer.c: misc cleanups and consistency checking (#427409,
     #425079).  (POA_PyObject__deactivate_object): work around bug in ORBit 
     to allow activating a previously deactivated object (#427468).
   * src/CORBAmodule.h: sandwich __DEBUG_LEVEL__ between a DEBUG define.
     make CFLAGS=-DDEBUG to enable debugging now (kiko)
   * src/idl.c: removed temporary debugging cruft.
   * src/except.c: merged a patch from kiko to validate system exceptions;
     fixes segfault for unknown exceptions raised by the ORB (#427464).

2001-05-25  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type): if
     given type is NULL, instantiate from CORBA.Object.

2001-05-25  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   The code is still in a state of disarray.  Not much testing has
   been done, and some things are only partially implemented.

   * src/CORBAmodule.h: created CORBA_PyInstance_Glue, which contains
     additional data for objref instances.  Created CORBA_PyClass_Glue
     which contains additional data for objref classes.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented most of the old CORBA_PyObject_*
     functions as CORBA_PyClass_* functions for the base CORBA.Object
   * src/CORBAmodule.c: create base CORBA.Object class
   * src/client.c, src/server.c: update most code to move away from
     CORBA_PyObject_Glue to CORBA_PyInstance_Glue / CORBA_PyClass_Glue
   * src/CORBA_Object.c (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_with_type): created
     this function which returns a new objref given a CORBA_Object and
     class glue.  (CORBA_Object_to_PyObject): simplified to use
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented _narrow (PLMS §1.6)

2001-05-24  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/CORBA_Object.c, src/idl.c: first steps to implementing CORBA.Object
     objrefs as actual class instances.

2001-05-23  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * src/server.c (init_local_objref): added function which is called from
     various places within ORBit.  In particular, the _is_a implementation.
   * src/idl.c (construct_interface): assign init_local_objref to class_info
   * src/server.c (ORBit_Python_init_pserver): create an empty vepv so that
     init_local_objref assigns something that is not NULL.  These changes
     are necessary to work with omniORB (and probably others) which invoke
     _is_a to validate objrefs.
   * src/CORBAmodule.c: removed Object_cast cruft.
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: created this file and moved CORBA.Object stuff
     from CORBAmodule.c
   * src/ updated to include CORBA_Object.[c,h]
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented _is_a (PLMS §1.6)
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented _is_equivalent (PLMS §1.6)
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented _hash (PLMS §1.6)
   * src/CORBA_Object.c: implemented _non_existent (PLMS §1.6)
   * added, taken from Conectiva Linux package and
     modified to work with any Python version >= 1.5.
   * Handle

2001-05-23  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/server.c (compare_object_interface): Some of my previous changes
     were in fact conflicting with Tack's, and I apparently did not resolve
     the conflict quite gracefully.  Removes the (hopefully) last artifact
     of that problem.

2001-05-21  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/client.c (_stub_func): As per the Python Language Mapping
     Specification (§1.4.1): "If there is no result value, the method
     returns None." 

2001-05-20  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * marshal.c: marshal_object allows Py_None and marshals nil objects
   * server.c: allow None return types for objrefs
   * CORBAmodule.h: added a macro is_corba_pyobject()
   * server.c: compare_glue_interface: accept nil objects for any
     interface, fail if arg is not a CORBA PyObject, and accept any
     object if the required value is a generic objref.
   * orbit-python.h: fix typo in PyORBit_POAManager_Get macro.
   * Merged patch from Christian to be a little less restrictive about
     what is used for a servant implementation.  As long as it has
     __class__ and __bases__ attributes and behaves like a class (like
     extension classes), it should work.  I ammended the patch to
     include tons of extra sanity checking.
   * PortableServer.c: servant_to_reference raises exceptions on
     error.  (Closes 425079)

2001-05-20  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/CORBAmodule.h: Minor tweaks to make the compilation

   * src/server.c: Ditto.

   * src/server.c: renamed compare_object_interface to
     compare_glue_interface(), and recreate compare_object_interface() to
     call compare_glue_interface().  The point is to have a recursive call
     so that we can work through several levels of inheritance (previous
     version only handled direct base classes, but no "grandparents").

2001-05-17  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/server.c: added compare_object_interface(), and used it.  That
     function checks that the object we're marshalling or demarshalling
     actually matches what it should be according to the IDL.  Previously,
     the only check was that it was an object reference, now we also check
     that it corresponds to an object of the expected interface (or a

2001-05-16  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * orbit-python.h: added _Get macros to the API.
   * except.c: Display extended info on system exceptions.

2001-05-15  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Did s/CORBA_any/CORBA_Any/ everywhere, and renamed CORBA_any.h to
   * CORBA_Any.c: CORBA_Any_PyObject__new now takes two parameters, a 
     TypeCode PyObject and a PyObject representing the value.  Init code 
     that used to be in this function is moved to CORBA.Any()
   * CORBA_ORB.c: CORBA_ORB_PyObject__new now takes a CORBA_ORB as a 
     parameter and constructs a Python ORB object around the given ORB.
   * CORBA_TypeCode.c: CORBA_TypeCode_PyObject__new takes a CORBA_TypeCode
     as a parameter.  Again, init code that used to be here is now in
   * idl.c: made find_repo_id_from_typecode useful.  It will narrow
     object references if it can before returning CORBA/Object.
   * Use PyORBit as the prefix for the external API now.
   * Add CORBA.Any and CORBA.TypeCode functions to the API.
   * Most of the above was a rewrite of a patch submitted by Johan.

2001-05-14  Roland Mas  <>

   * Updated config.guess and config.sub to more recent ones.  See
     <> for details.

2001-05-10  Jason Tackaberry <>
   * client.c: report more correct error message in _stub_func when
     number of parameters mismatches.

2001-05-09  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * CORBAmodule.c: Set ob_type to PyType_Type for CORBA.fixed,
     CORBA.TypeCode, CORBA.Any.  Solves segfault for type() on
     these objects
   * idl.c: Again, set ob_type for dynamically created client/server
     types.  (Resolution for bugs reported by Johan.)

2001-05-08  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * idl.c: Don't recreate binding objects if they exist (such as the
     case if importing the same IDL twice)
   * CORBAmodule.c: preprocess IDLs before hooking __import__ (fix for
     bug reported by Johan Dahlin)
   * idl.c, marshal.c, except.c: fixed a few minor compiler warnings

2001-04-18  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/CORBAmodule.c: suppressed an unneeded double call to
     process_idl_path().  Should make preprocessing faster.

2001-04-18  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Committed a patch from Christian that adds a CORBA_PyObject_to_Object
     hash mapping Python CORBA objects onto CORBA objects and fixed
     object_to_string to validate the argument as a CORBA PyObject.

2001-04-12  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * marshal.c: marshal_object now verifies that the given Python object
     is in fact a CORBA.Object
   * Big changes in system exceptions.  Most of the defined CORBA
     System exceptions have been implemented.  Work has begun to
     raise the appropriate exceptions where necessary (especially in
     marshalling/demarshalling code), but it's not finished yet.  (There
     will be segfaults under certain error conditions until this is
     done because parts of the code rely on exceptions being generated.)
   * CORBA.SystemException and CORBA.UserException now derive from
     CORBA.Exception (1.3.7 of the mapping spec)
   * Implemented str() for user exceptions (and system exceptions) to
     display some useful information.
   * System exceptions can now be marshalled and demarshalled.
   * Servers will now pass on CORBA.UNKNOWN exceptions to the client.
   * System exceptions have "minor" and "completed" attributes
     in the CORBA module.
   * Fixed a few segfaults along the way

2001-04-11  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * CORBA_ORB.c: grab a reference to root_poa
   * PortableServermodule.c: create a servant_base object to represent
     the PortableServer.Servant class from which all skeleton classes
     are derived (section 1.5.1 from the mapping spec)
   * Implemented _default_POA for servant objects (also section 1.5.1)
   * server.c: added a recursive get_class_glue_from_class.  Now any
     class can be used as an implementation class for a servant as long
     as it has a interface skeleton somewhere in its inheritance tree
     (section 1.5.1)

2001-04-02  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Fixed a segfault in the transparent set accessor function.
   * Fixed a segfault in CORBA.TypeCode constructor when invalid
     arguments where given.

2001-04-02  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Updated TODO list.
   * Built 0.2.0 release candidate.  Let's see what breaks. :)

2001-04-01  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * PortableServer.c/server.c: fixed a problem with delegation;
     activate_object now holds a reference to the servant, and 
     deactive_object releases it.
   * server.c: Fixed _this() so that it returns the servant's reference
     and not the servant itself, as per the spec.
   * idl.c: added a newline user exception names
   * server.c: Removed create_reference since ORBit hasn't implemented
     it yet.
   * Updated README and removed DOCS.  (Docs are on the website now.)

2001-03-29  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * idl.c: added support for forward declarations; fixed a small leak.
   * test-suite: Created an Instance.new_factory() function to test
     forward declarations

2001-03-28  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * process_idl.c: fix segfault if a bad path was specified from
     IDLPATH.  Thanks to Christian Reis for catching this one.
   * Fixed a bazillion warnings when compiling with Python 2.x
     (with -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes).  Thanks to Johan Dahlin for
     providing me a shell account to hack on.
   * CORBAmodule.c: Use PySequence_* instead of PyList_* for fromlist
     since Python 2.x uses a tuple while Python 1.x uses a list.
   * CORBAmodule.c: fixed a silly bug where the default IDLPATH
     gets a corrupted value causing a segfault in process_idl.c.
   * process_idl.c: completed step 2 from narrow_idl_file_list
   * Updated README and added TODO and DOCS

2001-03-28  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * CORBAmodule.c: default IDLPATH now includes /usr/share/idl and
     /usr/local/share/idl if they exist, as well as .
   * idl.c/CORBAmodule.c: removed some deprecated code
   * process_idl.c: significantly reworked the code to do things more
     intelligently.  It now handles:
         * Nested modules: e.g. import GNOME.Terminal
         * From lists: from GNOME import Terminal
           (the old code allowed this as well but it would auto-load
            every single IDL file that defined the GNOME module; this
            approach only loads Termina.idl)
         * From lists with wildcards: from Bonobo import * 
         * Can import interfaces on the from list:
              e.g. from GNOME.Terminal import TerminalFactory
     The new code is much faster at importing modules when you
     specify a from list since it now only loads only the IDL files
     necessary.  It will never load an IDL file twice, either.
   * Rename load_idl() to _load_idl() because it's an ORBit-Python-
     specific extension.
   * Added a binding for CORBA_ORB_shutdown (CORBA.ORB.shutdown) which
     takes 1 boolean argument (wait_for_completion).  Added this to
     the test suite in Fruit.Factory.die()
   * The CORBA module has an attribute _libidl_args which is a list of
     parameters that will be passed to libIDL when parsing IDL files.
     You can turn on specific defines for importing certain modules,
     such as Bonobo, or the Object Factory.  e.g.:

           import CORBA
           from GNOME import ObjectFactory

     This is another ORBit-Python-specific extension, but I'm not sure
     how else to tackle the problem.
   * #define ORBIT_PYTHON_NOT_THREADED by default until I have a chance
     to make threads not broken.
   * Stepped version up to 0.2.0 in anticipation of its forthcoming
     release.  Woohoo!!

2001-03-27  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Modified and merged a patch submitted by Johan Dahlin 
          * Added a _ORBitPython_API and a function struct, so certain
            functions can be accessed from another extenstion module.
          * Changed so CORBA__ORB_init does the init (CORBA_ORB_init) 
            and not CORBA_ORB_PyObject__new.  So extension modules can 
            create ORBs.
          * Add a init_orbit_python() macro to use in extension modules.
   * Created orbit-python.h and reorganized most of the objects' header
     files.  orbit-python.h is a public include for extensions that
     want to use ORBit-Python.  CORBAmodule.h still needs to be cleaned
     but it's getting better.

2001-03-19  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * process_idl.c: added simple benchmarking code.  Uncomment
     #define __BENCHMARK__ to enable.

2001-01-30  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * server.c: call __setattr__ and __getattr__ of servant if accessor
     methods are not implemented.

2001-01-28  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * the changes to the d_* macros to eliminate the gcc 2.96 warnings
     caused segfaults for other versions of gcc. *sigh*  Changes

2001-01-28  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * marshal.c: be able to marshal generic object references
   * demarshal.c: calculate the bytes left in the receive buffer properly
     (we think) and handle the incomplete message case when this value
     goes negative.  Sequences should now demarshal properly.  Since
     this code was taken from CORBA::ORBit, it also suffered from this
     bug.  Roland submitted a patch for this project.
   * test-server: we don't need to import whrandom anymore.
   * PortableServermodule.c: removed references to POAManager_PyObject
     and POA_PyObject from the PortableServer module.  This should take
     care of the undefined symbol problem with RTLD_GLOBAL vs. RTLD_LAZY.
     Right now this is just an empty module.  I'm going to have to rethink
     the interaction between the PortableServer and CORBA modules, and
     how PortableServer.POA and POAManager types fit in.
   * eliminated compiler warnings, including those horribly annoying
     "pasting would not give a valid pre-processing token" warnings with
     gcc 2.96
   * Made a d_warning macro that works the same way has d_message.  Used
     G_STMT_START and G_STMT_END so that these macros can have 
     conditionals and still work.

2001-01-28  Roland Mas  <>

   * Added test_list to test suite, as a test-case for the sequence
     demarshalling bug.

2000-11-30  Jason Tackaberry  <>

   * CORBA_ORB.c: fixed string_to_object to trim trailing whitespace from
     the IOR

2000-09-07  Roland Mas  <>

   * added a #define and some #ifndef's to make it easy to temporarily
     comment out the (unfortunately buggy) thread-safe-ication code.  That
     code will probably have to go when the bug is fixed.
   * renamed init_*() to ORBit_Python_init_*() to avoid namespace conflict
     with Python 2.0 (a function named init_exceptions() appeared
     somewhere between Python 1.5.2 and Python 2.0, causing a bug).  Works
     fine with 2.0b1.

2000-08-28  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/marshal.c, src/demarshal.c: added *experimental* support for
     wstring type, mapped to a Python Unicode object.  Only works with
     Python >= 2.0 (e.g. from Sourceforge CVS).  Very likely *not* to be
     interoperable *at all* with other ORBs.

2000-08-27  Roland Mas  <>

   * src/server.c: added code to allow the server program to overload
     the _get_* and _set_* operations (with e.g. side effects).
   * src/server.c: fixed a compilation bug for current Python from CVS
     (the soon-to-be Python 2.0).

2000-08-26  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * server.c, client.c, CORBA_ORB.c: added necessary interpreter unlocking
     to support Python threads properly.  (Not very tested, but seems to

2000-08-21  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Completely rewrote the way IDL objects are handled internally to
     more closely comply with the spec.  (IDL modules are Python modules,
     interfaces are classes, etc.)
   * inheritance is now supported, as well as delegation.  Inheritance is
     preferred since the spec (while vague) seems to require it, whereas
     delegation is optional.
   * Complies with the mapping spec on mappings for module names.  import
     Module for client side, import Module__POA for server side.
   * servants support implicit activation through _this()
   * deprecated POA::the_POAManager in favor of POA::_get_the_POAManager()
   * Uses _GlobalIDL and _GlobalIDL__POA modules for the global IDL scope,
     which is compatible with omniORBpy and Fnorb.
   * Implemented preprocessing of IDL files at runtime to determine which
     IDL files offer which modules.  Implications on performance are yet
     to be determined.  This approach may not scale very well at all for
     hundreds of IDL files.  It also could be broken in some cases; the
     preprocessor is not a complete IDL parser, so it may not work 100%.
     Time shall tell.  Uses the IDLPATH environment variable to get a
     list of paths to scan, otherwise defaults to the current directory.
   * hook __import__ to automagically load IDL files discovered by the
     processor that are required for the requested module
   * Pass -D__ORBIT_IDL__ -D__BONOBO_COMPILATION to libIDL so that we can
     load Bonobo IDLs
   * introduced more memory leaks, and probably more bugs.

2000-08-18  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * PortableServer.c: fixed a leak in activate_object(); implemented
     reference_to_servant(); removed deprecated method RootPOA(); removed
     the _servant attribute from servant implementation instances (this
     was a hack anyway)
   * marshal.c: fixed a leak in marshal_sequence and marshal_struct
   * CORBAmodule.c: changed CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_hash to hash on
     addresses, not typecodes; CORBA_PyObject__dealloc now properly frees
     the CORBA object; moved PortableServer module initialization into a
     separate file and module (PortableServermodule.c)
   * server.c: freeing a servant will deactivate it if necessary; fixed
     various leaks and bugs with the servant destructor; fixed a leak with
     exceptions in operation_skel; new_poa_servant adds new servants to the
     CORBA_Object_to_PyObject_hash so they can be fetched by reference_to_
   * fixed CORBA_Environment leaks all over the place
   * fixed a few other leaks that I can't remember 
   * various debugging information added; the debug level is inconsistent
     all over the place -- this will need to be fixed.
   * removed Instance::throw_away function from test-suite.idl, replaced
     with Factory::discard_instance(); some other small changes to the
     test server and clients.

2000-08-18  Roland Mas <>

   * Many memory leaks fixed by making static things that were previously 
     dynamically created and sometimes not deleted.
   * Some segfault-inducing bugs also fixed.
   * Some FIXMEs done.
   * The occasional code cleaning.

2000-03-21  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * marshal.c: marshal_float: promote ints to floats

2000-03-19  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Fixed a bug that fudged union discriminators.

2000-03-18  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * Ported the whole mess to C.  Aside from compiling 20% faster, it should
     hopefully build properly on more platforms.  I've also (through some 
     crude measurements) noticed a 5-10% speed increase.
   * idl.c, except.c, types.c: fixed unions, structs, and exceptions so that
     attributes set on construction are set for the instance object, not for
     the class object. 
   * Released 0.1.3

2000-03-16  Jon Kåre Hellan <>

   * pass IDL_parse_filename IDLF_CODEFRAGS which is required for

2000-03-16  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * CORBA_ORB_PyObject__new properly accepts either lists or
     tuples for parameter 1.
   * resolve_initial_references handles RootPOA properly now
   *, made ORB_init more conformant
   * exceptions raised by check_corba_ex() now work properly

2000-03-15  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * implemented CORBA::ORB::resolve_initial_references
     (still need to handle RootPOA and POACurrent)
   *, load_idl() now takes optional preprocessor
     parameters to pass to IDL_parse_filename
   * can demarshal generic Objects now.
   *, now handles libIDL errors (such as missing file) 
     gracefully by raising an exception.

2000-03-14  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * CORBAmodule.h,,, started adding debugging
     output.  Set __DEBUG_LEVEL__ in CORBAmodule.h to enable (a 0 to 9 value).
   * CORBA_Object_to_PyObject returns Py_None if the passed
     object is NULL rather than bailing out with an error.

2000-03-14  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * fixed a stupid bug that caused a segfault with CVS ORBit, 
     and as a result created one more FIXME item. :)
   * Released 0.1.2

2000-03-13  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * forced precedence to g++ until I can fix the code to
     compile properly with Sun's Workshop.  (Okay, it still doesn't work
     properly.  I'm working on that.  Hack the Makefile to link in libgcc
     in the meantime.)

2000-03-13  Phil Dawes <>

   * fixed a buglet that stops it from compiling with gcc-2.95
   * Added automake/autoconf support
   * Added a 'make check' test target to the src directory
   * Added an to generate the configure script and run it

2000-03-12  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * PortableServermodule.[cc,h]: renamed to PortableServer.[cc,h] and the
     module is initialized from  This will eliminate the
     shared library dependency problem between the two modules.
   * Fixed a cosmetic bug in test-client
   * Packaged this as version 0.1.1

2000-03-11  Jason Tackaberry <>

   * initial version (0.1.0) released

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