NoSquint is no longer maintained :(

This page exists for archival purposes only. See this page for more information.

What is it?

Having a hard time reading on the web? Is that website with the ridiculously small font and hot-pink-on-slightly-darker-hot-pink text raising your blood pressure?

NoSquint is a Firefox addon that can:

You can view the Online Help to get a sense of the features NoSquint supports.



Where can I get it?

Install NoSquint
2.1.9 for Firefox 20+ (111 KB)

All Major Versions

Version Firefox Compatibility Release Notes
2.1.9  Firefox 20+ Show Release Notes

Released on 2013-04-20.

Changes since 2.1.8:

Use the versions below if you have older versions of Firefox.
2.1.6  Firefox 3.0 - 19.* Show Release Notes

Released on 2012-08-30.

Changes since 2.1.5:

You can also download NoSquint from Mozilla Add-Ons.

How can I contribute?

If you're a user, you can submit bug reports and feature requests on NoSquint's issue tracker. You will need to create an account in order to submit an issue.

If you're a developer, you can fork NoSquint on GitHub and send pull requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a question or found a bug and want to contact you. What now?
A. Please create a new issue at NoSquint's issue tracker. You can also search previous issues to see if your problem was already reported, or if your question was already asked.

If you have a sensitive matter (e.g. a security bug) and you want to contact me directly, you can send me an email.

Q. I just installed NoSquint but don't see any toolbar buttons. How do I use it?
A. Try typing about:nosquint in the location bar. On the about:nosquint page there is a button that lets you add/remove the zoom buttons from the toolbar.

There should be a magnifying glass icon in your status bar now, which is the primary way of interacting with NoSquint by left-clicking it (for site settings), middle-clicking it (for global settings), or right-clicking it (for a popup menu). As of Firefox 4, this icon now appears in the add-on bar, which obnoxiously quite frequently gets hidden for no good reason. You can show it by clicking on View | Toolbars | Add-on Bar or pressing Ctrl-/. You can also access NoSquint via the View | Zoom menu.

Meanwhile you can add the buttons yourself via the usual Firefox toolbar customization mechanism by right clicking on the toolbar, selecting Customize, and then dragging the zoom buttons onto your toolbar where you want them.

Q. Can you release a version for SeaMonkey?
A. Sorry, no. I don't use SeaMonkey, so there is no personal itch. And it's hard enough for me to find time to maintain NoSquint with the versions of Firefox I support, let alone adding SeaMonkey to the mix.

Q. Can you port NoSquint to Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, or Opera, or <random browser X>?
A. One doesn't just port extensions to other browsers so much as completely rewrite them from scratch. I don't use these browsers (although at times I am tempted by Chrome, it just lacks the extensions I need) so I will not be maintaining versions for them.

Q. Why does Firefox feel sluggish (especially scrolling) after I installed NoSquint?
A. The default settings for NoSquint set the global full page zoom level (images and text) to 120%. On some systems, Firefox's full page zoom (which NoSquint merely hooks into) is slow, especially where Flash is involved.

You can try changing the primary zoom method to Text Only, which usually performs better, and set the default full page zoom level back to 100%. This can be controlled in Global Settings by middle-clicking on the magnifying glass in your status bar.

Q. Some pages temporarily zoom properly but then snap back to 100%. Why is NoSquint broken?
A. This is usually caused by a conflict with another zoom-related extension, and is competing with NoSquint to manage your zoom levels. A common case is the Default FullZoom Level add-on. If NoSquint is not zooming properly for you, try disabling this and other related add-ons and see if that helps.

Q. Exceptions don't work at all!
A. You're probably thinking that you set a default global zoom level, and then you need to add all the sites you don't want at the global level to the exceptions list. That's not what Exceptions are, and if you want per-site levels, you just go to the site, change the zoom level (or colors), and NoSquint remembers that for next time.

Exceptions control the way NoSquint determines what a "site" is. Is www.google.ca the same site as www.google.com? If you just look at the domain (which is the default behavior), these are separate sites. But there's a good practical reason to treat these the same, so you can add an exception like www.google.[*] to override this.

See the online help for all the gruesome details.

Q. Where does NoSquint store all its per-site settings?
A. All NoSquint settings are stored in your Firefox profile, specifically in prefs.js which is contained in your Firefox profile directory. The preferences are prefixed with extensions.nosquint. Per-site settings are stored in the extensions.nosquint.sites key. These can be easily viewed in about:config (type it into your location bar).

Q. NoSquint sucks. How do I uninstall it?
A. NoSquint adds and removes like any other Firefox extension. Follow the instructions on uninstalling extensions on Mozilla's Knowledge Base.

Who do I blame for this mess?

Please use the issue tracker to submit bug reports or feature requests. If you want to email me for some other reason, my address is tack@urandom.ca. Because of the sheer volume, I don't always get a chance to respond to every email I get. I do read all of them, but please don't be offended if I don't reply.

If you find NoSquint useful to the point that you'd like to part with your hard earned money, please don't give any to me. The EFF needs your money far more than I do; please consider making a donation to this very worthy cause.

The nonsense written above can be blamed on Jason Tackaberry (tack@urandom.ca).

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