RIP NoSquint

April 10, 2016

With regret, I must announce that I am stepping down as maintainer of NoSquint. Unfortunately I'm not able to dedicate the time required to keep pace with Firefox's evolution.

NoSquint is and has always been open source. As of today, I have released the source code into the public domain, relicensing it from its more restrictive LGPL license. Anyone is not only free but encouraged to take what they can from NoSquint to improve the Firefox add-on ecosystem.

I am deeply grateful to all the users of NoSquint over the past decade who have written in to express their thanks and share their ideas. Although I've never asked for money, I am especially grateful to those who donated to the EFF on behalf of NoSquint. It is because of the awesome userbase that I have been so reluctant to take this step, but it also does NoSquint's users no good to see the project languish.

Those looking for alternatives should take Zoom Page WE out for a spin.

Feedback is always welcome at tack@urandom.ca.

Happy squint-free surfing,

(For posterity, the original NoSquint page is archived here.)