MeBox's current status is: vaporware.
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MeBox is currently vaporware, but I've made some code available in the hope that other projects may find it useful.

MPlayer Patches

These are my current working patches for MPlayer. (For interested hackers only; not for end users.) These are not suitable for release upstream yet. Patches diffed against MPlayer SVN trunk on the date indicated.


Most of my development work lately is in the Kaa Project. Kaa is a Python development framework with modules geared toward building media-related software and is being developed in concert with the Freevo team. Among other things, this project includes Python bindings for Evas, Imlib2, and Xine. You can check it out via svn:

svn co svn:// kaa

See the Kaa Wiki for more info.

The nonsense written above can be blamed on Jason Tackaberry (

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